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The news are official, the plan is to rest the rest of the championships. Thank you all for your support and messages throughout this season. See you next season.

the-fourcade asked:
Thank you so much for this blog :3 Really ! Keep going you do it very well :3 From a frenchie who's just in love with your blog :p

aww you cutie. thank you it means alot, I gotta say i’ve been lazy with it since the olympics ended until now but im gonna try the best I can :)

After passing my qualifying for the final 10s, I finished 7th in the latter 10s06. About my health, I will give the details after spending a MRI tomorrow.

no idea if he’s injured or not i’ll update when I know.

Anonymous asked:
do you follow back?

depends on what kind of blog you have.

Anonymous asked:
I just love your blog so much :D Are you a frenchie ? :3

aw thank you! nope im swedish :)

Christophe qualified for the 100m final!

Anonymous asked:
There's actually someone on tumblr who loves Christopher and posts photos and stuff about him? Praise the lord! Keep up the good work, he's my favourite :))

yup!! thank you :)